EDA tool 소개 및 링크

EDA tools

  • EDAC
    EDA VENDORS Association.—미국의 EDA 관련 기업조합 페이지
  • ACTEL Corp.
    ……manufactures Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) – silicon chips,
    and the software/hardware tools for programming the silicon chips.
  • Aldec Inc.,
    Design Entry Tool (Win’95 based)
  • Avanti Corporation
    EDA Tools
  • Capilano Computing
    Electronics Design tools for Macintosh & Win95
    EDA tools……Library Development Tools, Physical Libraries, and Layout tools.
  • Cadence
    Total EDA supplier. SPICE Simulator,PCB design,and more.—캐덴스사
  • The Alta Group
    High-Level design software.—캐덴스사 CAD용 모듈 개발
  • CAD-Migos Software Tools,Inc
    SPICE-IT! for Windows is an electronic circuit design and analysis software tool program.(PC/Windows-based)
  • Chronologic Simulation
    Verilog Simulater
  • Compass Design Automation
    EDA Tools
  • Cooper & Chyan Technology,Inc.
    EDA Tools
  • Design Acceleration, Inc.
    대규모 데이터도 고속으로 처리 가능한 파형표시 툴.
  • Epic Design Technology,Inc.
    …..provides focused solutions for designers of deep submicron and nanometer ICs. Tools analyze power,timing, and reliability problems in ASIC, structured, and full-custom ICs. ……shorten design cycle time, reduce power consumption,improve reliability, and increase performance and value.
  • Exemplar Logic
    Logic Synsesis Tools….. Include simulation and timing verification capabilities.
  • Gaio Technology,Inc.
    EDA Tools
  • High Level Design Systems
    EDA Tools
  • hitex development tools
    Design tool for Intel MCS251 chip
  • Hyperception, Inc.
    Visual DSP Design Tools and Real-time DSP Development Systems.
    VHDL/Verilog simulator…..mixed-level hardware/software simulation for language-based design and logic emulation.
    The Voyager Series for VHDL designs and Gemini for Verilog designs.
  • Interactiv Image Technologies Ltd.,
    “Electronics Workbench EDA”, analog and Digital Mixed A/D SPICE simulator. Full-Featured SPICE with Low Price.(for Win’95)
  • interHDL,Inc
    High Level Design Tools for Verilog and VHDL.
  • MEDIX Corp.
    “DesignWorks EDA Solution” name of Total EDA tool. Schematic entry to LSI Design.
    회로설계부터 LSI 마스크 레이아웃까지.(Macintosh and Win.95.)
  • Mentor Graphics
    Total EDA Vendor.—-EDA의 대가(대기업용이다)
  • Microsim Corporation
    EDA Tools.–PCB CAD,PSpice,and more.
  • Microtek International
    X86 and 683XX/HC16 Design tools.(Free application notes available)
  • Model Technology Inc.
    Verilog, and Mixed VHDL/Verilog simulators for the Workstation Unix and PC (Windows 3.1, 95, and NT).
  • MURASE Industries Inc. —URL 변경으로 현재 조사중
    Most Hi-SPEC EDA Tool for Machintosh Computer. VAMP Inc.(US) MacCAD series of Japanese version dealer. –매킨토시용의 고기능 CAD Tools.
  • OrCAD Inc.
    Schematic Entry (OrCAD Capture), Digital Simulation(OrCAD Simulate), PCB Layout(OrCAD Layout), and very soon… Mixed mode design entry and synthesis for complete system level design (OrCADExpress).—-OrCAD사
  • Program Counter
    Debugger software for Embedded systems.—-내장 기기용 디버거 소프트웨어
    FPGA Dsign/VHDL
  • Sagantec Corp.
    IC Design Compactor—컴팩터라고 부르기에는 너무 훌륭한 레이아웃 마이그레이션 툴.
  • Spinnaker Systems
    EDA Tools
  • SynaptiCAD, Inc.
    VHDL & Verilog tool–include timing diagram editors, stimulus generators, and test bench generators. (Evaluation versions available from Web page)
  • Synopsys, Inc.
    VHDL System Simulation
  • Tanner Research
    EDA Tools for IC, MCM and MEMS design. Support for Windows 95/NT, Macintosh and Unix.
  • TriQuest Design Automation, Inc
    EDA Tools–회로구조가 명확한 RTL을 자동 출력하는 옵티마이저. FSM의 고속화와 면적의 최소화.
  • VeriBest Inc.
    …… include printed circuit boards, ASICs, FPGAs, and PLDs.
    …… bridges the cost/capability gap by providing proven design flows that interoperate between Windows NT/95 and UNIX operating systems.
  • VIEWLOGIC Corp.,
    ASIC Design tools on Win’95 & UNIX.
  • Visio Corporation.
    Windows-based drawing program. Design tool for Electrical and Electronics design,process plant drawing and space planning.
  • Xynetix Design System
    Software and services for PCB, MCM and BGA design. System floorplanning, pre-layout analysis, top-down physical design, and design data verification products help shorten product development cycles.(UNIX & Win’95 based)
    (Previous Company name was Harris EDA)
  • Zuken-Redac Inc.
    …..provides a full range of leading edge high performance CAD/CAM solutions for ‘right-first-time’ design and layout through to manufacture ( Windows, WinNT, Unix)
    CR5000 product—일본에서 유명한 주켄사의 홈페이지이다


슈퍼컴퓨팅 전문 기업 클루닉스/ 상무(기술이사)/ 정보시스템감리사/ 시스존 블로그 운영자

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