[HPC] ls-prepost command help

Below is a list of commands that can be entered on the Command Line in LS-PrePost. The list is only a subset of some of the more basic commands. For additional commands, please refer to the contents of lspost.cfile saved at the end of each LS-PrePost session. To see commands generated while interacting with the graphical user interface, watch the message window output.

Note: By default, orientation commands (such as those generated when the model is rotated) are written to the command file (lspost.cfile). These can be filtered out by setting “Record Orient off” in the Toggle Menu.

c – comment line marker (like using $ in a keyword input file)

panel panel_name – bring up the requested panel (ex: “panel measur”)

showtriad 0 – turn the triad off, 1 turns it on

showlegend 0 – turns the legend off, 1 turns it on

timestamp 0 – turns timestamp off, 1 turns it on

background R G B – R,G,B values range from 0.0 to 1.0 (1 1 1 = white, 0 0 0 = black)

textcolor R G B – R,G,B values range from 0.0 to 1.0

labelcolor R G B – R,G,B values range from 0.0 to 1.0

mesh – turns the mesh on

meshcolor R G B – change mesh color R,G,B values range from 0.0 to 1.0

ac – centers the parts displayed and fits to graphics area

rotang 10 – sets rotation angle to 10 degrees

rx – rotates model about global x axis (rotation increment is set by command rotang X, where X is in deg)

ry – rotates model about global y axis

rz – rotates model about global z axis

top – Display top view XY

bottom – Display bottom view XY

front – Display front view YZ

back – Display back view YZ

right – Display right view XZ

left – DISPLAY left view XZ

redraw – redraw the model with current settings

home – reset model display to default (top) position

hide – change the display to hide mode

shad – change the display to shaded mode

view – change the display to view mode, flat shaded mode

wire – display the model in wire mode

feat – display the model in feature mode

featang x – change the feature angle to x degrees

edge – display the model in edge mode

grid – display the model in grid mode

shrink – toggle the display mode from shrink to unshrink mode

zout – undo the last zin in stack

zin xmn ymn xmx ymx – where xmn,ymn,xmx,ymx range from 0.0 to 1.0

(0.0,0.0 is the top left corner of the graphics area and 1.0,1.0 is the bottom right)

parallel – change the display to parallel projection mode

perspective – change the display to perspective projection mode

pall – display all parts

m i,j,k… – display part i,j,k where i,j,k are part IDs

m i:j – display part IDs from PIDi to PIDj

+m i:j – add part from PIDi to PIDj to display

-m i:j – remove parts from PIDi to PIDj from display

+m i – add part i to display

-m i – remove part i from display

rstpart – restore the last part back to being displayed from stack

anim start – start animation

anim stop – stop animation

state +n – advance display by n states

state -n – retard display by n states

anim forward – animate forward

anim backward – animate backwards

anim stop – stop animation

anim start – start animation

anim cycle – cycle animation forward and backward

anim incr n – set animation increment by n states

anim first n – set starting state for animation to state n

anim last n – set ending state for animation to state n

open d3plot plotfile – load d3plot file named plotfile

open keyword model.k – load a keyword file named model.k

open d3thdt d3thdt – load d3thdt file named d3thdt

open command cfile – open command file named cfile

new – close all opened model files

import keyword model.k – import model.k and add it to the current model

exit – exit LS-PrePost

t – exit LS-PrePost

shademode 0 – change model display to flat shading

shademode 1 – change model display to smooth shading

raxy – reflect model about xy-plane

razy – reflect model about yz-plane

raxz – reflect model about xz plane

raoff – remove all reflections

full – change the graphics area to full screen (Esc to restore)

endfull – restore back to GUI and graphics

meshlwidth i – where i=1,5 for changing the linewith of the mesh lines

edgelwidth i – where i=1,5 for changing the linewith of the edge lines

title “xxxxxx” – change title to xxxxxx

title 0/1 – 0 to not show the title, 1 to show title

timestamp 0/1 – 0 to not show timestamp, 1 to show timestamp

showtriad 0/1 – 0 to not show triad, 1 to show triad

system “xterm&” – open xterminal

system “ls” – list directory

system “system command” – issue a unix system command

texon 0/1 – 0 to turn off textured fringing, 1 to turn on textured fringing

outlining 1 – draw outlines on part free edges

outlining 2 – draw outlines on free edges and feature lines of each part

outline R G B – where R,G,B values range from 0 to 1

outline 0 0 0 – draw outline in black color

outline 1 1 1 – draw outline in white color

beamprism 0/1 – 0 to draw beams as lines, 1 to draw beams as prisms

restore – restore the display to original position and remove all settings

LS-PrePost accepts the following command line arguments:

-usage                 | prints this help information

d3plot                 | loads d3plot file

d3plot k=keyword_file  | loads both d3plot and keyword files

d3thdt                 | loads d3thdt file

cdb=cdb/help           | creates a template CreateDataBase file and exits

cdb=filnam             | creates database from d3plot files (filenam should consist of database creation commands)

c=comand_file          | runs command file session

d=database_file        | loads database file

f=interface_force_file | loads interface force file

h=time_history_file    | loads time history file

i=iges_file            | loads iges file

k=keyword_file         | loads LS-DYNA keyword file

l=plot_labels          | loads annotation labels file

m=macro_file           | loads command file to be used in macro

n=nastran_bulk_data    | converts nastran data to keyword

q=d3crack_file         | loads d3crack file

s=d3plot               | loads d3plot, writes summary lspost.msg

v=vda_file             | loads vda file

w=xsizeXysize          | sets graphics window size

-nographics            | processes data without graphics window


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