xenserver dom0, domU의 vCPU 관리 하기

작성자 : 서진우 (alang@clunix.com)



– dom0 cpu_pin 관리

/opt/xensource/libexec/xen-cmdline –set-xen dom0_max_vcpus=1-6

/opt/xensource/libexec/xen-cmdline –set-xen dom0_vcpus_pin


– 명령어로 dom0, domU vCPU 관리하기

command 로 제어하기


Usage: xl [-v] vcpu-pin <Domain> <VCPU|all> <CPUs|all>


xm vcpu-pin ID VCPU CPU

xm vcpu-pin 14 0 7


xm vcpu-pin 0 0 0

xm vcpu-pin 0 1 0

xm vcpu-pin 0 2 0

xm vcpu-pin 0 3 0

xm vcpu-pin 0 4 1

xm vcpu-pin 0 5 1

xm vcpu-pin 0 6 1

xm vcpu-pin 0 7 1


[root@host ~]# /usr/lib/xen/bin/host-cpu-tune

Usage: /usr/lib/xen/bin/host-cpu-tune { show | advise | set <dom0_vcpus> <pinning> [–force] }

show     Shows current running configuration

advise   Advise on a configuration for current host

set      Set host’s configuration for next reboot

<dom0_vcpus> specifies how many vCPUs to give dom0

<pinning>    specifies the host’s pinning strategy

allowed values are ‘nopin’ or ‘xpin’

[–force]    forces xpin even if VMs conflict


Examples: /usr/lib/xen/bin/host-cpu-tune show

/usr/lib/xen/bin/host-cpu-tune advise

/usr/lib/xen/bin/host-cpu-tune set 4 nopin

/usr/lib/xen/bin/host-cpu-tune set 8 xpin

/usr/lib/xen/bin/host-cpu-tune set 8 xpin –force


xl sched-credit

xl sched-credit -d <domain> -w <weight>

xl sched-credit -d <domain> -c CAP   : CAP is int


슈퍼컴퓨팅 전문 기업 클루닉스/ 상무(기술이사)/ 정보시스템감리사/ 시스존 블로그 운영자

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