openxen VM 을 xenserver VM 으로 converting(Migration) 하기


작성자 : 서진우 (





주의 사항 : PV driver 를 제거한 후 convert 해야 한다.





# ./ -c /etc/xen/WIN8X64.hvm -s –username=root –password=root///

# ./ -n HYNTEL01 –is-hvm –disk /dev/sdb6 –filename=/APP/HYNTEL01.xva

# ./ –disk=/dev/system/windows –is-hvm –name=Windows –memory=256 –vcpus=4 –filename=windows.xva


옵션 참고

# ./ -h

Usage: [options]



-h, –help            show this help message and exit

-c FILE, –config=FILE

Specify the OSS Xen config file to process(all other

options output options are ignored)

–sparse              Attempt sparse mode(detecting chunks that are zero)


Virtual Machine Parameters:

These options are only read when you dont specify a config file with



-d DISK, –disk=DISK

Add disk in file/block device DISK, make sure first

disk given is the boot disk

-m MEM, –memory=MEM

Set memory to MEM(Megabytes), default 256

-n NAME, –name=NAME

Set VM name to NAME(default unnamed)

-v NUM, –vcpus=NUM

Set VCPUS to NUM(default 1)

–no-acpi           ACPI Disabled

–no-apic           APIC Disabled

–no-viridian       Viridian Disabled

–no-pae            PAE Disabled

–nx                NX enabled(default no)

–is-hvm            Is HVM VM(defaults to HVM)

–is-pv             Is PV VM

-k KERNEL, –kernel=KERNEL

Supply VM kernel KERNEL

-r RAMDISK, –ramdisk=RAMDISK

Supply VM ramdisk RAMDISK


Supply VM kernel arguments ARGUMENTS


Output Options:

These are the options that dictates where the VM should be saved or

streamed to a server. You can either save to a file or stream to a

server, not both. One of either -f or -s have to be specified


-f FILE, –filename=FILE

Save XVA to file FILE


Stream VM to host HOSTNAME


Use username USERNAME when streaming to remote host


Use password PASSWORD when streaming to remote host

–no-ssl            SSL disabled with streaming

–sftp              SFTP the kernel/ramdisk to the server(requires



슈퍼컴퓨팅 전문 기업 클루닉스/ 상무(기술이사)/ 정보시스템감리사/ 시스존 블로그 운영자

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