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Set time and date on controller

/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli –AdpSetTime yyyymmdd HH:mm:ss -aN|-a0,1,2|-aALL

Show time and date

/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli –AdpGetTime -aN

Force BBU learn cycle

/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli64 -AdpBbuCmd -BbuLearn -aALL

Set controller to use WB cached mode even if BBU is bad

/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli64 -LDSetProp CachedBadBBU -Lall -aAll

Set controller to use “WriteBack, ReadAdaptive, Direct, No Write Cache if Bad BBU” policy

/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli64 -LDSetProp WB -Lall -aAll
/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli64 -LDSetProp ADRA -Lall -aAll
/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli64 -LDSetProp Direct -Lall -aAll
/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli64 -LDSetProp NoCachedBadBBU -Lall -aAll

Show Virtual Drive Cache Parameters

/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli64 -LDGetProp -Cache -Lall -aAll

show physical device info

/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli64 -PDList -aAll

Set Write policy to Cached WriteBack

/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli64 -LDSetProp WB -LAll -aAll

Controller Properties

Displays information about the controller, including cluster state, BIOS, alarm, firmware version, BIOS version, battery charge counter value, rebuild rate, bus number/device number, present RAM, memory size, serial number of the board, and SAS address.

MegaCli64 -AdpAllinfo -aAll

Display Specified Controller Properties

MegaCli –AdpGetProp CacheFlushInterval | RebuildRate | PatrolReadRate|
BgiRate | CCRate | ReconRate | SpinupDriveCount | SpinupDelay |
CoercionMode | PredFailPollInterval | ClusterEnable | BatWarnDsbl |
EccBucketSize | EccBucketLeakRate | EccBucketCount | AlarmDsply
AbortCCOnError | AutoDetectBackPlaneDsbl | CopyBackDsbl |
LoadBalanceMode | SMARTCpyBkEnbl | SSDSMARTCpyBkEnbl |
MaintainPdFailHistoryEnbl | EnblSpinDownUnConfigDrvs |
EnblSSDPatrolRead | NCQDsply | UseFDEOnlyEncrypt | WBSupport |
AutoEnhancedImportDsply | PrCorrectUncfgdAreas -aN|-a0,1,2|-aALL

Check Status of BBU

MegaCli64 -adpBbuCmd -GetBbuStatus -aAll

Display BBU Capacity

MegaCli64 -AdpBbuCmd -GetBbuCapacityInfo -aAll

Display Virtual Drive Information

Displays information about the virtual drive(s) on the selected controller(s). This information includes the name, RAID level, RAID level qualifier, capacity in megabytes, state, stripe size, number of drives, span depth, cache policy, access policy, and ongoing activity progress, if any, including initialization, background initialization, consistency check, and reconstruction.

MegaCli64 -LDInfo -Lall -aAll

Display the Number of Virtual Drives

MegaCli64 -LDGetNum -aAll

Display Total Number of Drives

MegaCli64 -PDGetNum -aAll

Display Physical Error Counters

MegaCli64 -PhyErrorCounters -aAll

Check Enclosure Info

MegaCli64 -EncInfo -aAll

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